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Enjoy a country walk and join us at the Kingsdon Inn.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We are lucky enough to be in the heart of beautiful Somerset, where you can enjoy the countryside before resting your legs and refuel with a bite to eat and a well deserved drink.

This short walk starts from The Kingsdon Inn, in the sleepy Somerset village of Kingsdon. For most of the route there is level walking and paths are generally good. Wayfinding is very easy. Although there are some broad, distant views reaching as far as Alfred's Tower at Stourhead (National Trust) in Wiltshire, over fifteen miles away, there is just one gentle descent and a correspondingly gentle ascent.

The walk could alternatively be started at Waymark 8, in Charlton Adam, to give an opportunity to work up an appetite before reaching the pub. Lyte's Cary Manor National Trust property (ST 533267) is just under a mile away from Kingsdon, along a quiet lane; a visit could easily be combined with the walk.

Access: From the Podimore Roundabout...

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